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University Fashion Week Announces “Canada” As Theme Leading Into Shaky Development Season!

October 22, 2019

Coming out of its Indigenous focused production Season, UFW to focus on Canada as it’s upcoming Season theme! 

With Federal results around the corner, the production has seen a need to promote a focus on Canadian talents, both immigrant, settler, and indigenous Canadians part of keeping this land growing and a place of refuge many can call home. With University Fashion Week being a marketplace for a range of creatives and merchants both trading on an international platform, our goal this season within gaining a longer planning time is to improve our accessibility to allow more uptake of Canadian art and culture and to be viewed as a platform supporting the competitiveness of Canadian talents. With Skynation calling on the production to clean up it’s budgets citing variance in cash flow and national management projections, the decline in chapter contributions over the development of the project, vs the growth of various brands of which started their development as cast and presenters within the marketplace have led to a need for better trade agreements of which does not place the development company and its various talents at a bottleneck within students making unlawful deals within the production. Deals of which compromises the success of local traders of whom would be impacted by the foreign more competitive brands. 
Beka Solo becomes first Indigenous Canadian Rapper to perform at Canada’s University Fashion Week in a space occupied and proudly indigenous Canadian space. Students from University of British Columbia and external communities would visit Simon Fraser.
While the current production is now moving into a cancellation Season of which it’s inability to secure the various trades, sponsorships, fundraising, and stakeholders targets to meet it’s projections as confirmed by it's various production producers, directors, executives, subcontractors, agencies, volunteers, societies, clubs and much more. It’s development support will be pulled if it's unable to turn this Season around and with the identification of time, and foreign interference two areas that's impacted it's abilities to advance as a production, working hard to involve it's local economy to advance this Season with a focus on integration as a marketplace could help provide a more successful social enterprise. With UFW spreading to Toronto and a number of communities wanting to franchise the platform, a lack of support does result in resource being redirected elsewhere. With University Fashion Week being one of the more iconic platforms that fought to maintain its independence while working to move and follow the practices set forth by Skynation, the agreement in celebrating the various areas of which we can put out positive programming while working on the various backend changes to this seasons manuals, tech riders, architectures and wireframes within the wide range of financial commitments of the platform has led towards really prioritizing and highlighting the segment market of which Skynation has identified as being the most marginalized within these new policy development of the production deeds and assets. We can't even afford our own space as of yet and are borrowing to make our rent and various production service needs. With the need for the national production to also secure a range of commercial spaces for it's talents and market place presenters, the overall vision of making sure the markets in which our production is licensed have the various partnership agreements in place are within the updates being incorporated to this upcoming Season's activation and land use plan. To be a director activating space to present a program as part of UFW is to prioritize Canadians while also securing the necessary partnerships supporting the growth of Canadian creative products and services.   
The face of Canadian beauty, fashion, and workforce is changing, but without promoting Canada as a multicultural hub for global trade, Canadians will not see their unique designs as equally part of the global market. Season 3 is dedicated to Canadian artists, models, designers, photographers, videographers, and more. [Photo credit: UofT Fashion Week]
Having a focus on Canada as #UniversityFashionWeek would allow us to promote the curation of designers, models, photographers, artists, graphic designers, developers, even textile companies, business students, with a number of brick and mortar companies starting to curate designers within our marketplace for their store front. Futurepreneur would reach out to our production team with an interest in connecting with designers and models for their side hustle program which funds local Entrepreneurs. These were organizations that had national resources which would support our merchants of whom might be struggling with stretching their discretionary funds while being forced to outsource what might be too expensive for them to source locally. There are various aspects of our curation practices of which will start to require designers to invest their fair share but for us to grow our production, prioritizing Canadian product is part of our priority in promoting support by Canadians for locally developed products and services. The market-place cannot be getting crippled and in debt while working hard for designers who get to walk, gain exposure, sell their products for over $200/product, have access to an investor market of whom might also be investing in a foreign education in fields like business management, finance, engineering, medicine, and much more but engage their time in a side hustle opportunity of venturing out of the education industry and into the modeling industry. While some of this trades for prints leave the fashions designers leaving the show debt free, without supporting as stakeholders, never needing to rent their own event spaces, hire and pay their own models, audio visuals, DJ fees, management wages and rent, leveraging all the assets from the marketplace and trade to build their long term success at a level where the entire production is crippled cannot happen again. As our production expenses continue to increase daily, the support and revenue we seeing cannot dwindle as well and that's what's happening with the emergence of foreign brands and reduction in local sponsorship and resource support.
UBCXFW Market show off their look as production pulls off a shaky Season 2.
 With a focus on the Canadian fashion landscape, there will be a priority on those interested in increasing their stock value by connecting with students who have invested in their education either by way of Government Grants, Loans, Scholarships, Foreign investments from their parents and other ways in which have gained them acceptance into the productions target market. With a focus on Canadians, presenting these designers while improving policy to limit and create equitable trading parameters for international,  local, and indigenous entrepreneurs both students and non students will give UFW the edge during this Season. As we currently operate and rent out various spaces both digital and brick and morter, being able to manage our banking fees, administration fees, legal fees, monthly rent and various charges associated with keeping the production operational has really meant prioritizing sponsorship and fundraising as the main priorities moving into this next Season. We're aware that there's a need to reduce our licensing to ensure breakeven from each presentation while also needing to follow up on various institutional issues and theft. We believe by prioritizing Canadian companies, we will be able to give opportunities to Toronto brands looking to expand to Vancouver or returning to the platform. We're looking to place a priority on National expansion over international expansion. International brands of which would need to consider the various working visas, accommodation, and acceptance packages will force applications into this year's show to demand more from our traders. Working with Health Scientists, our production is able to select topics of which can drive development of our envisioned Canadian industries and at a level of which our platform has really been marketed as bringing a diverse range of universities together, the popularized social advocacy topic this year will focused on Hemp and EcoFashion as the Social Advocacy  subthemes of Canada within starting to look at the impact and opportunity of this new byproduct in Canada and it’s uptake by potential trade show purchasers and investors, having a focus on those that could see an increase in local support for their enterprise through also promoting the benefit to Canadian societies, discount pricing, global investment opportunities to enter the industry, and the development of manufacturer companies of which might start to gain a foothold within this new derivative industry are all within the range of topics being researched as part of the experiential inquisition going into this production tour. 
National Selection Week opens call out to various directors looking to gain experience and license the production to their respective communities as associates bridging the gap between production and market. With a priority on the long term sustainability of the production this year’s search will prioritize leaders able to advance the long term success of UFW and it’s growing economy.
With National Selection around the corner, many hired partners have advised on the need to look at SFU's isolated situation within the various risks requiring the decentralization of the growing management and political risks impacting the overall success of the production.  While UFW was started by a Canadian as a bottom up initiative, seeing Canadian and foreign brands outcompete local and indigenous designers does call for stronger sanctions allowing better service level agreements at a diverse range of contracting and subcontracting permitting taking place at all levels of the production.
With local Accessories Designers Broken Halo Boutique engaging the platform Seasonal student leaders and professional management, getting scouted as part of the curated production can make the difference in brands looking for a smart culture to expose their ideas and themselves to.
Having foreign brands and Entrepreneurs at this time grow to a level of becoming such a competition to the Canadian platform in of itself is cause for concern for more Canadians to get involved and support keeping this marketplace going and giving more of the locals entering the industry for the first time to gain local opportunities allowing them to network themselves into employment opportunities, investment opportunities, lead generation, or sales and business success. Within a need for the production to prove its ability to execute a sound production, The focus in keeping our market open for Canadians would give the opportunity of momentarily really halting the growing expansion of American brands of whom are now becoming direct competition to platform. UFW talents now becoming Doctors, Lawyers, Professional Directors while being able to secure references to improve their application. Seeing a range of lot of unlawful market competition from American entrepreneurs, this Season is meant to promote local support. From International Enterprises and Talents of whom we want to restrict and limit their abilities to procure and expand through our platform. There’s a need for the production to make sure the new talents coming into our production through a range of avenues from designer brands, to independent networks all understand the rules as Casts of whom are signed under various trade agreements. 
From Athletics to Engineering, designers get a unique opportunities of accessing a multidisciplinary Canadian market of high archiving influencers lending their image to support the success of the various traders leveraging the platforms real life connections and opportunities.
While the party element of this platform introduce a wide range of influences within all casts being put in a mixed environment to dance and connect as social network. The focus on separating the lines between Canadian and foreign brands will allow us to prioritize a community of whom have been forced to lose out on employment from a cancelled production, have been forced out of various opportunities due to the competitiveness of foreign brands to gain a lot more market share through pre-existing and expanding platforms. By focusing on Canada, our marketplace will be able to support institutions ability to promote and support UFW’s priority in making sure it’s stakeholders and workers are not crippled at the expense of international students, international entrepreneurs, and unsuspecting students of whom are not only impacted by the changes in their Unions, Institution, organization and small business support towards the licensing and establishment of the platform as a micro-production while being an extremely agile environment challenging some of the hair and makeup artists, labour, and various night light tourism partners involved. This year's National Selection Week will promote the recruitment of leaders who can dream big and solve production crisis impacting their local economies, while understanding their place as enforcers of the markets trading environments. As our quest for appeal will attempt to incorporate designer voting analytics, ecommerce  and distribution opportunities and competitive student pricing, the search for directors and professionals able execute this Season will push the production like never before. We want to grow and we believe as a marketplace unique to Canada, we have what it takes to grow and scale. Our system is in line with the Canadian system and there's never been a better time than now to double down on our foundation as for Canadian by Canadian enterprising market of which is yet to gain a foothold in the market it hopes to service and support. We're seeing more of our young people leave our market place as amateurs and move into various creative pursuits, we're seeing fashion brand managers, jumping into the music management business and fashion marketing becoming coupled within a slow but sure spread within the diverse businesses occurring within the platform. 
Creative volunteer and executive depictions of the various talents hard at work behind the scene to support each designers ability to integrate and connect with the range of fashion clubs and enthusiast youth led merchant communities and networks.
 To support the various demands of which the platform sees annually while promoting more demands of the platform in gaining a hire financial support to meet it's growing expenditure, there will be a need to have a stronger projections from each presenter looking to come off the blocks. With development plans within Skynation opening the platform up to questions of when it plans to integrate the ecommerce systems for accepted designers, percent charged to designers who choose to leverage this services and much more to sell their merchandize to UFW’s growing audience and fashion club communities. At the moment as the execution of a more successful show that's able to pay off it's current debts while raising capital to keep the production growing is the main priority, the successful talents hired into the production will need to speak on their ability in turning the production around and motivating Canadians to support and get involved in keeping tis Canadian platform alive. Canadian industries with a priority on indigenous and marginalized Canadian communities become part of our commitment towards implementing the various top down recommendations from Skynation within the need to push forward the ongoing expenses associated required to keep this production growing, while also needing to hold chapters accountable for playing within the various rules associated with trading and development activation. Outside of the current black listed market places agents that do need to appeal their acceptance back into the production of which has suffered a wide range of foreign interference, focusing on Canadian students, professionals, indigenous and non native entrepreneurs and creatives are part of the targets going into this Season. We want to be socially,  mentally, and economically stimulating while still maintaining our spirited fun event atmosphere! There are designers flying into the city to present within this platform and we do want to make sure our production team is becoming a lot more versed in the various applicants engaging the production's management agents. This year we want to incentives everyone from our volunteers to our agents, while also celebrating our sponsors with various goodies and resources. With the foreign market being the least of our priorities at this stage, it does mean applications towards the various executive positions in management has to be focused on breaking even and meeting it's various sponsorships, grants, investments, package fees, volunteers recruitment, fundraising, partnership, employment and diverse rental and accommodation land use activation needs! There's never been a better time than ever to move heavily forwards towards Canadian development. With UFW being an independent Canadian owned marketplace, part of the goal of UFW is developing strategic partnerships  communities that increase access to the Canadian Fashion entrepreneurs of whom can greatly benefit from the this Season's resources and Univerity exposure.
Student Models submit features as part of community social media publishing and exposure opportunities.

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