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Skynation To Invest In R&D For The Provision Of Health, Dental, & Transit Coverage For It’s World Wide Promoter Network Within The Next Four Years

September 27, 2019

Going into the next growth year of one of the first black owned, Canadian digital production, the company’s growing portfolios, as well as stakeholder relationships both within University and Government would not be possible without the growing networks of it’s various promoters of whom have really been the representatives of the platforms resources and distribution…


African Great Lakes Networking Foundation’s Canadian Chapter President Approves Public Resignation Announcement!

August 24, 2019

As the outgoing President and Vice President of Great Lakes Canada, the Canadian Chapter of African Great Lakes Networking Foundation has now officially publicly resigned with the confirmation that so has his Vice President of which was done in the months of Harambecouver outside of the knowledge of the planning team of the production of…


Shwanga Confirms Appearance of A/L/L/Y at LLIV19.

May 7, 2019

In what is becoming the return of one of Vancouver’s kickoff summer festivities, Lucky Lady IV is back with a wide range of new acts and tons of exciting attractions. While the production might have started as a University graduation celebration, the wide range of industry connections, seamlessly woven into a weekend of activities topped…


Wizkid Ends 2019 Canadian Tour With Vancouver Shutdown

April 9, 2019

Fan rushes Wizkid on stage as the young performer closes his Canadian appearance. With a star-studded lineup of local artists, Wizkid reminded fans of his name as he performed to a roaring audience chating his iconic title “Starboy, Starboy, Starboy!!!”. While the show might not have seen the same numbers as his Canadian-Ethiopian moniker competitor,…


Harambecouver Kickstarts 2019 Campaign With Jace Kim, Live Painting, and Creative Marketplace

February 9, 2019

Featured on 2018’s Jace Kim kickstarts the 2019 Carnival with a free live painting community networking mixer for Professionals and Creatives. 

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