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December 27, 2020
Members of IVXW’s North York Elite FC hold up painted sign in appreciation of it’s support.

At the present moment, what many understand as #FR22.CA is a major attraction from IVXW, a sports focused, specifically, Soccer focused developmental action group of which utilizes this tool for community building. With the evolution of IVXW being further developed at Simon Fraser University, the Founder and owner of IVXW as a label believes a reinvestment in Toronto, during this time of needing to have positive conversations and developmental projects and programs is paramount. As iVXW operates as a privately owned social enterprise, the diverse developmental focus of the group has very much often been based on where the tool is being targeted and utilized. While many in Simon Fraser University, may have been impacted by the production of IVXW’s Peace Day of which was set to feature Knaan within what would shift the focus away from the Footballers and place an heightened focus on the musical performances to close off the production; the focus of #FR22 will primarily be Football and increase the play time of Canadian Soccer by prioritizing a By Canada for Canada position. While the growing investments of IVXWBC meant a shift from Toronto of which had been the headquartered home of the Creative Producer and Investor of whom manifested a range of these programming as a Toronto Youth, coming back as a professional to reinvest in that Toronto Foundation is meeting programming at a level where as opposed to starting from scratch, one is able to build on a foundation that causes the various investment that want to buy into redevelopment and commit their time towards this new reality. 

Team Practice as Kayode’s return from SFU showed a growing resource lacking program

With IVXWGLXBXL controlling all things Skynation, what has been released thus far is an understanding that FR22 will be hosted and presented within Toronto, Ontario. With a focus on the boys of NYEFC of whom are now men presenting their own Football Tournament as presented by it’s owner Kayode Fatoba, the invitation of the Canadian communities into participating in this festival is focused on showing just how dispersed the community of NYEFC had become. While many may have known North York Elite FC as the evolved named of the Spartans as the owner of the club would evolve it within the focus on sponsors of whom were able to support the programs need for resources, the evolution to NYACK YORK ELITE FC comes as a result of a sponsorship from Nyack, New York of whom is arguably part of the development of this programming within a number of Canadians of whom are scouted to play in America’s competitive NCAA looking at expanding their Toronto recruitment of the Fatoba’s through the support of Baba Fatoba’s Nyack campaign. As a New York campaigner, the young Footballer would influence is College to support his younger brothers club, at a time where the morale of the athletes of these program of whom had a 15 year old Coach who decided to start his own club but who also lacked the ability to secure capital to advance his soccer club vision.

NYACK, New York Sponsorship Photo before heated Senior Team Championship Campaign

Selected from Westview Centennial Secondary School as part of the City of Toronto’s Sports Leadership Program of which equips young athletes in the GTA with a Coaching and Reffing certification to work with the City of Toronto as tools of the municipal government to reach future leaders of whom are often able to find that developmental mentorship through connection to leaders of whom were able to teach them that sport, but also promote life skills that helps them stray away from a path of crime and criminality and focus on growing on those social and healthy active living within being connected to community leaders of whom have not only been trained with First Aid as first responders within that sport, but with licenses to coach and ref, the hiring of workers for the Toronto Parks and Recs through this program allowed the Government to produce leadership that were equipped to naturalize their directionality within their respective community. While the vision of the program may have been to secure work with the various Community Centres of the city, there existed a program within Fatoba’s Jane and Finch community of whom were unable to equitably access the community centres as the growing lines of drug lines meant an enforcement of some youth in their local reality at the expense of others of whom were made to understand, they were not safe away from their “blocks”. While the inequities of access to the community Centre meant that on one side, while Fatoba was able to work in one community Centre, it also meant his own community did not adequately have access to the emerging Athlete of whom was becoming heavily in demand within developing his own high school indoor soccer league, while seeing the acquisition of licensing as an opportunity to design his own soccer club of which would result in the establishment of Kayode’s Spartans. With the Spartans being situated as a Palisades specific club, the position of prioritizing the Jane and Finch community meant that the recruitment and development opportunities would be focused on teaching new skills to the athletes of whom were situated specifically on that land mass. Focusing on recruiting from Palisades meant this club would be able to reach it’s own direct community while performing in a localized league of which the audience were situated in that community. Having such a program have a sponsorship of Jerseys go from a non adult led program, to Baba securing a Scholarship to New York and his NCAA college community being united to meet the program at a level where they were able to secure new Jerseys of which would have NYACK on it. As the Footballers would inquire about what NYACK meant on the Jersey, the believe that Kayode would commit to NYACK, New York would see a sudden change in decision after a visit to Toronto by Vancouver’s WhiteCap and SFU Mens Soccer Program’s head coach, Alan Koch. 

Early practice picture with older youth team coming out to help withU12s coaching.

It’s important to understand that at a certain level, the decisions of what school one committed to within the NCAA program while being specific to the individual athlete, also came with it community leaders of whom were part of really engaging these athletes to navigate their decisions based on what they wanted to do post Athletics, while also having an understanding of educational facilities needing to provide them with that environment to do that thing. For Kayode as a club owner, and popularized Athlete, it was pediatrics within a focus on being able to develop the youth as someone who loved working with Youth. What made the Toronto Sports Leadership Program enticing was the focus on Youth Empowerment and Development of which these core directionality aligned with the field of Pediatrics as a youth attempting to align with his father’s dream of some of his children continuing that path of his Father within a shift from Naturopathic Medicine to a more Biomedical framework of which saw that Doctoral licensing as part of the requirements permitting someone the ability to practice. Fatoba believe’s his primary reason for choosing to sign with Simon Fraser University was heavily impacted by 9/11 and Alan Koch’s investment in coming to Toronto and shaking his hand. While other Coaches had invested in an invitational of which saw the Striker visiting a range of American Colleges as the catcher term for their larger institutions with “community college” signifying smaller academic communities; the fact remained that Alan Koch was from Canada’s only NCAA Program, paid for hotel accommodation, and ground to attend Kayode’s exhibition game of which while it did place a lot of pressure on the performer and newly licensed Coach himself, that moment of Quach engaging Koch and having the Senior team come together for that game was enough to see Koch as a competitor that saw that Canadian landmass as being hugely competitive enough for him to invest in competing with other coaches to acquire one of North America’s most sought after young talents at the time. 

Older Athletes connecting with u12 members in mixed practice sessions.

From television interviews, to News Paper coverage of goals, the performance of Westview Centennial Secondary School as well as his OYSL clubs would not be missed of which as the establishment of the Spartans now meant the need to divide his time between being a competitive player, to developing his own development system as a club owner and Coach, getting that NYACK, New York sponsorship did do something to the psyche of the players of Jane and Finch’s Spartans. Fatoba would build the website of the team of which allowed the players an ability to connect, chat with one another and promote the updating of the games, while Parents were able to download the waiver forms and apply to be volunteers of whom were able to help the young club owner within filling with various positions required to keep the program active and growing; but with the decision of signing with SFU meaning that the Coach would need to leave his club and shift himself as an asset to Simon Fraser University in British Columbia on one side meant great news for the community now acquiring this leader, but for the IVXW initiative of which had someone investing in people within stopping his investment in his Father’s hospital as a young adult working to make money as a Canadian teenager, the shift of that discretionary income to Vancouver would evolve upon unpredictably being selected as the Recipient of the TD Canada Trust Scholarship amongst other Bursaries and monetary awards. With this scholarship placing a Cap on the allowable monetary awards one winner can secure in Toronto, Fatoba would tell Alan Koch, he didn’t “need the athletic scholarship funds” as he already secured the TD Scholarship which also had contracted and mandated that it’s scholars were unable able to attend and spend the funds in any school within Canada. 

Youth Program prep by Coach Alex as the program evolves in the absence of owner Fatoba

With a Canada only Scholarship, and an opportunity to align with demands of Family, High School Coaches, the local soccer community, and taking the investment of the Simon Fraser University Coach of whom spoke highly of the programs transition from NAIA into NCAA saw an opportunity of which while Baba Sr would stay in his New York program within turning down Koches offer of signing both athletes, the younger talent would make his way to BC within what would become major destabilizing to the Soccer program of which had started to bring members of the Jane and Finch community into following and supporting the nurturing of this Free Soccer Program of which while it may have started with the seed capital of the owner, had evolved into it having a range of organizations. While more of the developments of #FR22 is still being transcribed and pencilled in what is a major presentation of a community of whom has not only been displaced from the positivity that came along with being signed and securing financial opportunities to chase one’s vision, seeing the Mens Program of NYEFC as directly benefiting and complimenting the establishment of a Strong Soccer focused developmental community that’s able to come after within the strong heritage and successes associated with this program means the need to see the various BC accomplishments of the Toronto Striker and Gold Medalist as hugely important in the development of this Footballers Reunion Festival. While 2022 will be the target for the first presentation, the goal of the program will be to evolve this spectacle as a flagship within it happening every two years within a need to produce and present more talents of whom not only come out of the NYEFC program, but with a range of ownership licenses being issued by FR22 to a range of sports management professionals of whom are able to rationalize the budgets, developmental communities, practice, and national benchmark being targeted by this programming, FR22 will issue 13 licenses for Canada’s 13 provinces and territories. While the various parameters of this licensing are confidential to the bidders of whom secure a licence or present the opportunities of participating in this private invitational and festival to their respective communities. The fact remains that IVXW’s shift from the musical stage of which was heavily impacted by the media clash of Knaan with the young athlete is being shifted back to the Footballers of whom were equally part of IVXW’s peace day and helped generate the buzz and audience of which would be felt as part of the ending ceremonies. While Fatoba himself will be playing as part of the presentation of Canada’s Golden Moose Football Club, the fact remains that the Coaching and Management staff of NYEFC will need to groom and develop it’s performers to defend what is now a Street Cup being presented by it’s owner of whom started with nothing but a dollar dream. While Fatoba believes that FR22 would give the club an ability to generate it’s own operational funds of which can give him the ROI required to keep the club growing and pay his bills, it’ll also allow the separation of his professionally focused club to realign and break away from it’s amalgamation into a range of non for profits of whom have not only provided a positive opportunity in housing his program, namely Belka Enrichment Centre, and Youth Unlimited Canada; the evolution of NYEFC within this presentation of them going up against FR22’s Golden Moose allows some of the talents of whom were part of the establishment of this club to gain special invitations as well as resources towards helping them find positions in the growing reprogramming and redevelopment of a program that’s looking to grow and opening investment rounds to agents of whom are looking to support the need for the Canadian Soccer Landscape to increase not only in play time, but the investments required much like the Toronto Sports Leadership Program to reach talents of whom are newly emerging within this early stages of building Canada’s competitive place as a leader within the world football scene of which has placed the map heavily on North America as it prepares to host the world’s first FIFA World Cup.

NYEFC win big at community invitational for the passing of a Canadian Soccer Player.

 While the shift of IVXW into Sports does mean a great deal of impact to it’s developmental investments all round, the development group’s Founder believes this shift back into sports is important to really bring the journey 360 for the community to tell it’s own story, but the performers to engage the world within a Canada that needs to make a door for them as well. With FR22 promising a weeklong attraction of Canada Soccer Networking, Development Galas to commemorate athletes of whom have advanced the expansion of the club into new Canadian Territories and Provinces, Soccer Tournaments of which hopes to present some of Canada’s hidden footballers and new recruits of whom are part of the roster of presentation talents in this Mens specific programming, and to top it off, integrating the arts and urban cultural presentations to give the ticket holders and attendees an unprecedented opportunity to discover the City like never before. While of Skynation’s subprodution community stay glued to updates about the productions other programming as COVID19 impacts the certainty of having any possibility of an answer, the CEO and Owner of IVXWGLXBAL says, FR22 is here to stay with all roads pointing to Toronto, Canada or as it’ll be known for the purposes of this festival, Nyack York, Canada. With dates, permit and presentation locations as well as more information details still under raps as conversations grow, do stay tuned as we bring you more details on all things FR22. 

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