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With Commitment Talents Slowly Rolling, IVXW Updates NYEFC Club Emblem To Symbolize Canadian Origin.

October 17, 2021

Created in 2005 by Kayode Fatoba after being inspired to take the playing of both Winning Eleven and FIFA Video Game owner version into real practice. Being selected, trained and drafted to Driftwood Community Centre though the Toronto Sports Leadership Program as one of the selected High Schoolers by his High School Coach of whom would recommend the OYSL and High School OFSAA Footballer for this City of Toronto’s Sports Leadership Program. From the design of his own Highschool indoor league, inspired after a run in with circumstances of which would nearly take his life while being in the wrong place at the wrong time; requiring teachers to drop the then Canadian footballer at home once his highschool ended.

Kayode hosted a Soccer Tourment With The Toronto Park’s Board’s Driftwood Community Centre as part of his placement which saw the Centre winning above other camps.

Due to real threats on his civil liberties of which necessitated a for youth by youth lunchtime soccer league, supervising teachers who would provide access to the gym facilities for the tournament helped cultivate the Footballers leadership skills through the program of which equipped him with a Coaching and Reffing training as well as first aid certification. Being drafted to Driftwood community centre however would land him in a new reality within venturing from his block of which had been largely perceived as a Bloods territory at the expense of now needing to support a new community as a worker within the community centre. From almost getting jumped and needing to purchase pocket knifes for protection, he would work to bring his Football programming to the neighbouring community of which at the time or contemporarily may still be regarded as a heavily cribs dominated area.

Being placed in the Cribs required Kayode to venture into the Community Centre for work, but also exposed him to intimidation by members of whom identified him as being external.

Working in Uptop as a Footballer representing the Government while his own community lacked him as a resource became an opportunity to leverage his new found skills and education as being capable to start and officiating his own soccer program. The focus on leveraging the youths from his community of palisades of whom may have enjoyed basketball more than soccer at the time be introduced to a new sport that had given him a range of opportunities would allow the ability to create a new project that allowed youths in his community to also have access to him and a soccer program.

While you may not be a Blood, there was a real threat within venturing to communities of which were not your own.

A Journey started in 2015, according to IVXW Ownership and Founder, “while at the time, I was investing in my father’s hospital project as I would start receiving endorsement cheques as a footballer and slowly securing work as a second Generation Canadian teenager, being able to initiate this journey gave me something to put my time and money into of which although the development would demand more and more of my funds and time, it also allowed me the opportunity to leverage my skills as a popularized high school varsity talent towards a community development initiative that brought me joy and fulfilment. From winning the City of Toronto Championships to getting an opportunity to Study Medicine at Simon Fraser University while being signed to the Univeristy’s Athletic Program as a development athlete who would perform in Track and Field as well as in a range of Development Leagues signed by Alan Koch of the Mens Soccer Team which would lead to him being noticed after a 2 – 0 Win over the Vancouver White Caps Residency at the time.

Turning down the Vancouver White Caps Residency, Kayode would immerse himself in his Medical Degree within securing a $70,000 Scholarship at the Age of 17.

With a $70K Scholarship at 17 years old to venture out West, an offer to sign with the Whitecaps would see Kayode declining it to focus on his Academic pursuits in Medicine within his involvement in SFU Athletics becoming destabilized after an attempt to introduce his soccer programming to the University community coupled with a Sports and Education Symposium with a Concert headlined by FIFA World Cups Knaan to Close off the Week Long Peace Day themed event.

At the age of 18, Fatoba would be forced to quit Soccer, Drop out of University after declining the Whitecaps after Knaan failed to take the stage.

With COVID19 leading to a shutdown of a range of IVXW productions, the hosting of the world cup by Canada as well as the tragic case of a former Footballer from the Club would necessitate the need to rebuild the Free Soccer Program, but as the Toronto Star was now an adult and a Public Health Scientist working within Land use and Digital Development producing a range of Film and Special Event Programs, there became an opportunity to pivot the club out of it’s youth centric history playing in North Yorks El Popular and for the first time, attempting to host it’s own Footballers Festival titled Footballers Reunion. The addition of a Maple Leaf to the evolved Mens centric Club is to capture the story as being very much centric to his journey through Canada Soccer as a Popularized and highly controversial Canadian Footballer. To assume club as any other heritage apart from Canadian limits the journey towards getting to the National Presentation.

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