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October 19, 2021
Footballers Reunion is set to feature the clash between the NYEFC camp and the Golden Moose Camp within the invitation of new competitors from all provinces and territories of the Country in a National Cup celebrating Canada Soccer.

As NYEFC prepares to host one of IVXW’s newest programming coming out of the need to shut down it’s various west coast and east coast productions to help curb the impact of COVID19, the need to assume the 15 years of programming as part of the Research and Development efforts towards building a stronger more sustainable investment rollout has resulted in a need to not only align with the sports development foundation’s grassroots focus on football; but to double down on pushing the footballers and athletes of whom have been part of the developmental journey to take front stage. While Footballers Reunion is set to occur BiAnnually, the closing up of the land backed, male centric sports development family owned foundation is one in which IVXW believes the establishment of FR will create a stability that’s currently missing within it’s position especially coming out of public sector programs of which have caused a major destabilization of it’s economic position. While there’s still a great deal associated with presenting this 4th presentation, the reality is, this is not a youth presenting a Soccer tournament for the community centre, for his highschool, or his university any longer, but a Public Health Scientist integrating all these experiences while placing a priority on reinvesting all efforts and sweat equity to his nascent community. Where it all started while doubling down on his yoruba heritage of which becomes integrated in the understanding of IVXW as a YorubaCanadian, landbacked, male centric, indigenous, multicultural sports development, family owned foundation with a primary focus on Canadian Football. While the priority of FR will be on primarily using this time and effort to build the host capacity of NYEFC’s mens programming to see the development within this invitational, as a National athlete of whom was an Ontario product being exposed to BC Soccer, the network to more competitive national and international footballers of whom would integrate the need to patch in the story of Golden Moose into this script is one in which while the Footballers Reunion is set to tentatively have two clubs of whom are meant to go head to head on this development journey, the reality of FR issuing production licenses to buyers, investors and ownership able to represent respective Provinces across the Country as management and builders able to bring their franchise talents into the City of Toronto for this presentation is one that may not see one of the two clubs started as the productions leads coming up on top within investments in presentation trophies, cash prices and much more, but a new challenger team claiming victory! With the Planner still in week 13 of building host capacity as NYEFC’s commitment talents get further involved in making it to training camp as infield prioritizes using network recruitment focused on players inviting players as the production is being presented by a player that’s achieved a range of opportunities through the sport to the level of turning down a number of offers other athletes would jump on, the reality of establishing this platform to align with the development and preparation as the Country prepares to host the FIFA World Cup of which has controversially impacted the notable figures trajectory in the sport is one that may potentially present talents of whom have been forced out of the football economy as some get an opportunity to meet the industry at this convergence.

To understand the industry’s pathway and attempt to build an invitational that mixes all talents within this Mens National Street Cup is one that attempts to bring together not only Usport talents, but NCAA talents of whom majority of them are forced to do their SATs for a life across the Boarder within Simon Fraser University being the only NCAA program representing talents who choose to stay in the Country while demanding a high level competition environment. Coming out of that NCAA campaign however, there becomes a decline in talents jumping further into other opportunities at the national and international level given sometimes, not all professional talents are able to secure an educational Degree and once a range of quality talents are able to trade their abilities for an education, most often they venture off into the workforce as they prioritize family building focusing on instilling their gift of the various sports they played in their children who then start from the grassroots academy and club level as the cycle continues! To attempt to build a program that retires talents and allows them to see 35 – 37 as a retirement age before venturing into masters program, the need for the Producer and Public Health Scientist to re-pivot back into Sports Management coming out of his medical education is one in which the network and colossal quantity of footballers of whom he’s been able to acquire within that exposure while staying in Canada can find themselves being celebrated in a unique production aimed to celebrate all performers within this game as well as integrate a range of subprogramming, arts and music celebrations integrating a quality invitational showcase aimed at breaking both new and seasoned talents to be exposed to the market of management, agents, coaching staff and performers from all corners of the country looking to purchase quality Canadian products. Supported by supporters passionate about supporting their favourite performers as they compete for their hearts and the Country.

To speak Canadian Soccer business as national business is one that isn’t merely focused on the purchaser of Season tickets or national fixtures as the country shows it’s athletic pride as they fill up the stadiums in celebration of the new stars competing on the main stage, but an understanding of the various lurking variables associated with needing to see the impact of a range of non predictables that can and will happen on that journey of which not only requires a need for a healthy reserve but the need to build a national cup able to present talents of whom have broken all the stages within that system and able to sign their time for a national cup knowing they are representing their province in a showcase aimed at not only national and provincial pride but a showcase of a number of coaching and management staff of whom may not have been given the spotlight to showcase their capacity but with planning and developments attempting to ignite the capacity of the nation to run it’s own simulations, having this new production lead the rollout of IVXW is one that’s meant to add excitement to it’s purchasers and partners to see the longevity of the production and organization as keeping that show running with more rollouts and programs hugely on the way. 

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