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Yasmin Ray Releases Amazing “Gravity” Visuals off her recent “Blank Canvas” EP.

March 15, 2018

Described as Completely Independent and Determined, Yasmin Ray is choosing to invest in her own talents to promote her chances of getting hugely discovered and signed. Living in America and Canada to support her dreams, this North American artist would travel to Atlanta for collaboration opportunities with top-shelf producers to craft her vision. Getting the opportunity to work with JC to produce the “Blank Canvas” EP was an important step towards making a splash in the industry and with the response the work is gaining, it’s looking like she’s getting the payoff and attention the project and effort deserves. Yasmin Ray first made her Skynation mark in an appearance as a support on Cxxlaid’s show four featuring Friyie, Missy D, Kresnt and other acts, performing her newly released Blank Canvas EP for the first time, she captivated the crowd who became instant followers. Getting an Encore in Vancouver is not an easy feat, let along amongst other quality artists. Seeing the impact of Gravity as she performed, she knew her and her team made a great decision in recording and adding the track to the EP. From the moment Yasmin Ray heard the beat, there was something about it. In fact, the entire song flowed so naturally from the first line and unlike other songs on the EP, to the point that her small American team decided to record and complete the song that night. To Yasmin, Gravity represents a connection that surpasses the boundaries of time and space. Visualized through this music video, the audience can get a sense of that message. With a vision to complement the record in a paradoxical way, she found herself connecting with different directors to bring her visuals to life.
A soulful r&b track paired with an edgy video that possesses an early 90’s inspired sci-fi vibe to convey an intimacy between two star-crossed lovers.

You can check out the video here


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