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Meet Dalya Faeq, an SFU Student Designing Creative Solutions That Educate!

April 14, 2017

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With an interest in growing as a designer, Dayla joined Skynation to pick up interesting projects and grow with the company. During the early stages of Skynation establishing itself at Simon Fraser University, Dalya would enter to support the sponsorship of SFU’s Got Talent, SFU Fashion Week, and even work with a budding student fashion designer looking to launch their clothing line, LavishTee.

It was during these projects that Dalya became more interested and invested in Skynation, so you can imagine when a call to edit a promotional video for Akon opened up, she would jump at the opportunity. This became another avenue to groom and grow herself professionally, within speaking with the artists management to obtaining content she was very excited.

As a start-up, Skynation prides itself on being able to provide new opportunities to our employees and Dalya was no different. We love it when our employees want to cross over and try new things!

So you can imagine Skynation’s delight when Dalya wanted to delve into product design, and with Skynation beginning to already have interested clients looking for quality digital solutions for their various entrepreneurial ideas, she put her name down.

Her first project within the company would be Leanwords, an independent news publishing platform focused on providing concise news on the African continent. Working with the company’s project managers, clients, and a few software engineers at work in the company, this brand would ultimately get launched as the new face of African publishing for the CoFounders, Adeola Onafuwa and Lorne Powell, who are now moving into their second year of operation.

Currently Dalya studies Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University, Dayla believes design can really empower and educate the world in being more aware. Designing platforms that promote alternate forms of news is part of her belief that there’s room for more entrepreneurs to innovate, for a generation interested in educating themselves on how to solve the issues of times past.

As Skynation grows into a production company intersecting Technology, Entertainment, and Design, the young designer looks forward to working with amazing community leaders.

Published on: April 14, 2017 @11:45

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