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Jahail and King H Take Center Stage at Coolaid

For those of you that didn’t know, we’ve been planning and preparing a Hip-Hop Showcase, known as Coolaid, and we like to keep things low-key over here, but we came out with our first showcase on November 5, 2016, and you guys loved it!

With a sold out Season 1: Show 1 of Coolaid, it was clear the next lineup needed to step it’s game up, the demand has proven there is a market for this hip-hop platform.

Show 2 will feature a dance competition from some of Vancouver’s best dancers; and although there were whispers of young Kodie Shane to headline Show 2, we saw an interruption as a new artist in the Vancouver scene was making waves.

Enter King H, a rapper trying to make a name for himself in the Vancouver hip-hop scene. With an album dropping close to Show 2, a growing local movement, and a feature on The Peak SFU, the team at Coolaid saw King H as an artist to support. Show 2 will prove tough for the emerging artist as it also features Jahail, an artist hailing from Toronto, making noise on the East Coast.

So make sure to get your Coolaid Tickets!

Check out the mini bio’s below of the lineup slated to perform at the show on February 10th, 2017!


King H

King H, a Vancouver Hip-Hop Artist, who is coming off of his recent “Switch Up” EP release on July 29th, 2016 with production from “40k,” and “Malikai Motion” featuring Samy T, is making his mark in the Hip-Hop scene. As a natural born freestyle artist, he takes pride in his lyrics and flow; however, with his talent for melody and a strong production team, H has produced amazing anthems such as “The One” and “Waste Her Time.”


Straight out of the city of Toronto, Jahail makes his way onto the music scene of Vancouver; alongside his collective: “Yours Truly,” with artist’s such as ninetyfour who are already making an impact on the West Coast. Jahail does not shy away from delivering his talents, you can expect more releases from him very soon.

Scody Jonez

Residing out of Vancouver, Scody Jonez with his collective; “Baby Fresh Productions” alongside Baby Fresh & Keemzie have been putting in a lot of work all over the lower mainland. From show to collaboration, and a plethora of videos on YouYube with the most recent video hitting 45K+ views. With such a diverse style and sound, Scody Jonez can do it all. Hip-Hop,Trap, RnB, even EDM.

Scody Jonez is looking to further himself in his music career with the debut of his first mixtape, “Sincerely Scody” and the launch of his “Stolen Crown Sound,” that will be heavily pushed in 2017.

Freeman Young

Freeman Young is a singer/songwriter, and idiosyncratic one to say the least. Following the release of his 2015 debut project, “Young,” he has been well-received amongst local listeners, and is being regarded as an up-and-coming artist to keep on your radar.

Young has also received critical acclaim for his unmistakable songwriting style, his willingness to be scathingly introspective, and his ability to weave in and out of genres seemingly at whim, all while fashioning his own idiosyncratic style.

Since his debut release, Young has spent the better part of the year performing at several shows and accompanying top acts such as OVO’s Majid Jordan, Roy Wood$, and the Atlanta indie golden child Raury, to name a few. He is also working on the release of his second project, which he’s chosen to remain very private about. The new music is all buried treasure for now, but like Young, it won’t remain underground for very much longer.


Jason Bempong

Brotha Jason is a self-taught dance who draws from his inspirations such as Michael Jackson, Les Twins and James Brown just to name a few. He has been dancing since the age of 13, and has been exploring the world of dance and expression ever since. His main goal with dance is to inspire others, as well as entertain and provide a sense of escapism.

Kevin Liu

Kevin, an up and coming choreographer in the Vancouver dance scene has been dancing for 7 years. He has trained under multiple studios, and started choreographing at the very young age of 13. Most recently, he used his scholarship and trained Millennium Dance Complex LA over the summer, and continues to push his limits and growth.

Jay Brian

Jay Brian has been producing music and dancing for about 8 years. Born and raised in Vancouver BC, Jay Brian is dancing with Unity; lead by Ervinn Tangco where the team came 1st place at The Bridge Norcal and Hip Hip Battlegrounds. He has met and performed alongside with Brian Puspos, Elise Estrada, Andrew Garcia, D’Pryde Dumbfoundead, Joseph Vincent and Yuri Tag. He was also the main event performer for Rich City Idol.


Gandalf The Strange

Hey, I am Gandalf.


Ian Kaart

Ian is an emerging artist who was born and raised in Vancouver. He has been creating since an early age, and loves to experiment with different mediums, themes and subject matter. Painting for an audience is one of his favorite things, as he loves the energy that it brings to his creative process. He takes inspiration from the nature on the west coast, local graffiti culture, the energy of daily life, and growing as an artist while hoping to inspiring others with his work.

Check out his website: Ian Kaart

Published: Jan 30, 2017 @11:39

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