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MOVE OVER SNAPCHAT – New Messaging App, VANISH, Challenges The Way We Communicate

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Vanish, a mobile messaging application involving no central servers allows users to control their information ­not only off their phones, but off the phones of everyone they have sent the information too as well. 


VANCOUVER ­ July 4th, 2016 ­ Available today, users can use their mobile device to sign up and be notified when Vanish’s first beta is announced. The start­up that spawned out of Vancouver, is gaining traction amongst millennials. Vanish developers are busy working to make it possible for launch in September.

What inspired the idea was contrary to what many believe of Snapchat. Contrary to popular belief, Viber founder, Talmon Marco has stated that “the pictures on Snapchat don’t really disappear. There’s no way you as a user can know if the picture is really gone. Over time, users will understand that.”


Vanish is changing the landscape of mobile messaging by giving you the power to truly delete messages at any point in time. Encrypted, forward secrecy, and a decentralized network. Unlike other apps, Vanish will not have a central server with all users information that is vulnerable for attack. Other features include group audio messaging, group video messaging, and sharing files.


Giving users full control of their information, Vanish is bringing back the human intimacy of communication. Communication without hesitation. A university student mentioned to the team how “You can send your mother credit card or billing information, and then delete it once it has been received.”


“The application is really something inspired by our team to tackle a problem we have been hearing a lot about:­ privacy” said company co­founder, Jaiten Gill. “We want to put the control in our user’s hands. We want you to be able to decide when something is not out there anymore. We want to take away the feeling of hesitation when chatting.” The co­founder mentioned expansion to medical, legal, and corporate sectors with enterprise solutions.


Founded in 2016, Inc began with the vision to make the worlds most secure, anonymous, private, and encrypted messaging application and bring back human intimacy to communication in a world plagued with privacy concerns. The team putting together Vanish have over 30 years in combined technological development and security experience. Vanish encourages people to share without hesitation, knowing they have full control.


Heres the link to sign up for the beta!


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